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Aims & Objectives
The Primary aim of the school is spontaneous growth and development of individual- physical, mental, moral, spiritual values and ultimately to form her/ him into a true citizen of the nation.
  • It aims all round development of children by drawing out the best in them.
  • Aims all quality of self reliance, mutual help, team spirit, service of general awareness and leadership.
  • aims at qualitative and excellence in scholastic as well as co -scholastic fields in particular and life in general.
  • Aims at character building of the children and propagation of patriotic sentiments.
The daily programs are a blend of academic, sporting and co- curricular activities to ensure importation of comprehensive all round education. This way, the school aims and achieve the following: -
  • To make children understand the values of life so that they are able to make right decisions in coming life.
  • To inculcate in them the sense of responsibility towards their parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, friends, neighbours and finally the country as whole.
  • To train its students in the facts of leadership and responsibility, besides being technologically sharp and scientifically advanced.
  • To groom its students into honest, disciplined and straight forward citizen of strong character and high principles, possessing a spirit of comradeship and religious tolerance.

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